Erica P! (mss_america) wrote in mss__ajax,
Erica P!


Ok this is the situation....Dineyland tickets are expensive right now. So here are your options:

a) Buy one day ticket and go just Saturday for $46.50-troop would pay entire ticket (you would pay for food)
b) Buy two day park hopper for $71.00-troop would pay $35.00 of ticket and we can stay down there overnight one night in a hotel (sleeping bags needed)
c) Buy two day park hopper for $71.00-troop would pay $45.00 of ticket and we can go this saturday to one park and next saturday the 16th to the other park and skip the hotel part of it.

There are many contributing factors for needing to change of them is that I have $350.00 worth of cookies that have not yet been sold and dues that still have not been paid. The troop can not afford to pay for it all.

So what this means is that we can not do anything unless we get a committment from everyone tonight. You must email me or Erica today with an answer if you are going and if you are you need to bring the money to Erica or Vicki tonight. My office number is 818-576-2338...if you get my machine please leave me your name and phone number.

You should have all gotten this email, but just in case... Also, if you notice that someone is missing, please forward them the email, or call!! Please call any girls in the troop that dont have el jayys and may not know this info.

love you all!

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